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Top performers belong to a select group. Make them feel that way. Motivate your stars to soar even higher with one or more of our creative, singular, and eye-catching Top Performer Recognition Awards.

List of Top Performer Recognition Awards:

  • Capital Achievement Award - Outstanding deeds are capital achievements. They deserve this award.
  • Chairman’s Award - For when the Chairman's hand is the icing on the recognition.
  • Circle of Excellence Award - A circle of excellence is a badge. So is this award.
  • Diamond Club Award - Performances that are precious and for the ages deserve this award.
  • Executive Choice Award - This is the award of choice for executive excellence.
  • Five-Star Honours Award - A sparkling award for your multi-star performers.
  • Hall of Fame Award - A hall of fame is an inspirational space. Performances that inspire deserve this award.
  • Hero Award - A heroic turn should not be ignored. This award ensures it's not.
  • Honour Club Award - An honour is special. It is an exclusive club. This award is the entry ticket.
  • Leaderboard Award - The leaderboard is an aspirational space. So is this exceptional award.
  • Leadership Award - When leadership is being recognised and rewarded, this is the one you want to go with.
  • Leadership Impact Award - When a leader shows the way and makes a singular difference, make an event of it with this award.
  • Limelight Award - The one to turn to when the performance deserves the limelight.
  • Paramount Achievement Award - For the ones that are above all else, we have this award.
  • Pinnacle Award - New heights have been scaled? Well, this is the one you want to crown the achievement with.
  • President’s Award - For when you want to add a presidential touch to the reward for a task well executed.
  • President’s Circle Award - An award and a promotion to the inner circle of achievement.
  • Shining Star Award - Shining stars shouldn't languish in the shadows. This award makes certain they won't.
  • Spotlight Award - Make the recipient glow with pride, and this award.
  • Standing Ovation Award - A standing ovation merits an award that celebrates and brings forth more ovations, like this one.
  • Summit Award - If pinnacle is not a word that's enough, but summits have been peaked, this is the award to turn to.
  • Superstar Award - Superstars like recognition. This award does it best for them.

You can either buy these awards as is or we can customise it for you with the recipient’s name and/or company logo.

These awards are part of our Creative Recognition Awards collection. You can check the entire range here.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Find answers to some commons questions about our Creative Recognition Awards here.

Chairman's Award

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