WhatsApp Group Badges
WhatsApp Group Badges
WhatsApp Group Badges

WhatsApp groups are ubiquitous. Almost everyone that uses WhatsApp is part of at least one group. Every group has different kinds of characters. These badges celebrate each of these characters in a fun way. Hand them out to members of your favourite groups, bring your group members closer to each other, and have more fun.

This set of 20 badges is part of our WhatsApp Group Awards collection. You can check the entire range here. You can go with our default set of badges, or customise your selection with badges that best fit your group member characteristics.

Default Set:

  • Breaking News Award - 1 pc
  • Emoji Communicator Award - 1 pc
  • Me, Myself, & I Award - 1 pc
  • Neither Here Nor There Award - 1 pc
  • The Birthday Tracker Award - 1 pc
  • The Enlightened Guru Award - 1 pc
  • The Firestarter Award - 1 pc
  • The Group Comedian Award - 1 pc
  • The Intolerant Liberal Award - 1 pc
  • The Lurker Award - 1 pc
  • The Morning Cheerleader Award - 1 pc
  • The Name Changer Award - 1 pc
  • The Obsessive Compulsive Forwarder Award - 1 pc
  • The One Word Replier Award - 1 pc
  • The Peacemaker Award - 1 pc
  • The Plan Breaker Award - 1 pc
  • The Plan Maker Award - 1 pc
  • The Quick Gun Award - 1 pc
  • The Right Wing Troll Award - 1 pc
  • The X-rated Content Award - 1 pc

How to customise your selection of 20 badges:

  • Mention changes to be made to the default set composition in the Additional Instructions field.


  • Size: 58 mm Diameter
  • Material: Pin-back Badges
  • Delivery: Ships in 2-3 business days.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Find answers to some commons questions about our WhatsApp Group Awards here.

WhatsApp Group Badges

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